90 Degree Elbow Cladding

90-Degree Elbow Cladding is a process of weld overlay of austenitic and martensitic stainless steel inside 90-degree pipe elbow. KAIYUAN offers an advanced system for 90-degree elbow cladding with Hot Wire TIG using a patented sector-wise cladding for consistent quality and high productivity.


  • Patented technology – sector-wise cladding (two sectors) requires only one time fitment, saves time and man hour, improves productivity .
  • Cladding in 1G Position – cladding is done only in 1G position all throughout, which ensures best deposition rate.
  • User friendly control and parameter setting – only 3 basic parameters, weld overlay, elbow ID and bending radius, all other parameters are set automatically by the system, which ensures high quality.
  • Automatic Voltage Control (AVC) – maintains constant stick-out, ensures proper penetration throughout and eliminates the issue of tungsten inclusion, consistent weld quality.
  • Torch Oscillation – weaving ensures better deposition, higher productivity.
  • Non Volatile Memory – last weld overlay parameters are stored automatically and are retained in case of power failure, which can be easily recalled, saves time and improves quality and productivity.
  • Available in two variants – SPM and Robotic to meet the desired user application.