Digital Control Inverter AC/DC Submerged ARC Welding Power Source KIA-1000 Lanched in India

Along with the growth in heavy welding application, the demands for high efficient welding method, Tandem Welding system , is increasing in India. To meet customer requirement, KAIYUAN developped the digital control inverter AC/DC welding power source, KIA-1000, which specially used for Tandem welding as AC power source.

This machine achieved wonderful arc characteristics through high speed MCU and softeware control of the output waveform precisely. Welding performance much better than traditional thyristor machine. Because of three phase power input, reduced the impact to power supply.

Specifications KIA-1000
Control Mode Digital controlled Inverter
Mains supply 415V±20%, 3Ph, 50Hz
Rated input power 56KVA
Rated no load voltage 87V  (peak value)
Output current range AC  200 – 1000A DC 200 – 1000A
Rated duty cycle 100%
Protection class IP23S
Insulation class H class (200 degree)
Dimensions, L x W x H 870 x 505 x 1000 mm
Weight 168 Kg