Kaiyuan India participated in the seminar orginanized by IIW in Kolkata on 23th Feb 2019 which hosted many of the industrialist & entrepreneurs in the eastern belt of India, PHD persons, Students from IIT’s.. Kaiyuan shared its global experience in the feild of welding for the thick plate with the Tandem and Multi wire application keeping in mind the need to IMPROVE the PRODUCTIVITY & QULAITY at the same time which is the need of the hour to achieve demand on time. The presentation concentration on the Tandem welding with Submerged Arc Welding for Railway Girder industry and other high end products introduction. Positive feedback received from the audience during the event for the Kaiyuan products.
Kaiyuan offer the multi wire SAW (TWIN, TANDEM, THREE WIRE…) system to the girder fabrication industry to boost the productivity with higher deposition rate.

Single Wire

Twin Wire

Tandem Wire

Multi Wire

Submerged arc welding (SAW) is a welding process that can deliver high deposition rates and deep penetration at a very rapid pace. Heavy-duty fabricators, such as those that work with flat plate, girth welds in pipe, and spiral pipe mills, have embraced the technology to help them optimize production.
Of course, metal fabricator are always looking for increases in productivity. The goal is simple: If a company can increase the number of jobs on the shop floor, it can bring in additional revenue to grow the bottom line.
A metal fabricators doesn’t have to look far to find technology advancements that can help it boost the performance of its SAW process. A few techniques, such as twin-wire, and tandem welding, are widely used and proven in production environments to help meet increased productivity goals.
Kaiyuan India remain determined to work with the customers closely & help them achieve the goal with the technology upgradation in the field of Welding & Cuttung to meet the ever challenging industrial needs for the present & future challenges ahead.