KAIYUAN has 30 years of history for manufacturing resistance welding machines. The products are widely used in automobile parts, aviation parts, low-voltage apparatus parts etc in manufacturing industries. Kaiyuan made resistance welding machines are known higher reliability, low maintenance cost & with Quality welding with repeatability for joint after joints. Kaiyuan offers full range of resistance welding machines as follows:

Single phase spot projection welder: 35kVA / 50kVA / 70kVA / 100kVA / 160kVA / 200kVA

MF three-phase spot projection welding machine: 50kVA / 80kVA / 160kVA /320kVA / 480kVA

Single phase seam welder: 100kVA / 160kVA

MF three-phase seam welder:100kVA / 160kVA

Both KAIYUAN controller and PANASONIC controller are optional for KAIYUAN resistance welding machines.


LIVE demonstration for the resistance welding machines on KWAI Chakan plant. Following models are included as listed below:

DTN-50SAJ which is 50kVA single phase spot/projection welder with KAIYUAN controller, DTN-50SPJ which is 50kVA single phase spot/projection welder with PANASONIC controller, DTBZ-80SAJ which is 80kVA MF three-phase spot/projection welder with KAIYUAN controller.


kaiyuan-main sub

Our expert will explain the features of the machine, will operate and weld to show the welding performance, will show the design and structure of the machine, will discuss with the customer and recommend the suitable model as per customer’s welding component.

Kaiyuan also provides very popular transformer radiator automatic manufacturing line with building in multi-spot welder and seam welder. Almost 90% transformer radiator manufacturer are using Kaiyuan product line or individual machines in China.

Kaiyuan resistance welding SPM for automobile parts manufacturers such as a generator, transmission, damper, door & window, seat, breaker, silencer etc. are accepted by some global companies such as Johnson, Faurecia, Tenneco, Bosch, Aisin Seiki, Weifu, Exedy, Minth, Lingyun, VKV etc.