Conveyor roller pressing assembly machine

Made In India, Conveyor Roller Bearing Pressing Machine Launch

Kaiyuan India here launches the “Conveyor roller Bearing Pressing machine” which is developed under the “Make in India” initiative which offers the newly designed, high performance idler roller pressing assembly machine.

High end conveyor roller bearing pressing machine to meet the customer demand is now available at affordable price to all small and medium scale roller manufacturers in India and across the globe.

This machine is used for bearing and sealing assembly. Suitable for roller pipe diameter from 76mm to 219mm and length from 200mm to 2600mm and bearings specifications 6204, 6205, 6206, 6305, 6306, 6307, 6308 etc.

  • With specially designed hydraulic cylinders, the damage to inner sealing will be avoided as excessive pressure is damped within the cylinder in addition to fitting the bearings exactly at the set position.
  • New designed pressing tools is more convenient for initial setting and consumes less switch time for different size of rollers.
  • A special feature, ‘Pressing delay time’ is added in the machine, which ensures the exact positioning of bearings by holding the bearings at set position for few seconds before retracting, thus improving the assembly quality.
  • The machine has a rigid structure, which can be used under any environment, ensures consistency in high quality rollers for many years.
  • Both cylinders are concentric and are synchronized which ensures equal and opposite pressures on both the sides.
  • Installation and operation is very user friendly. The system removes the requirement of a skilled operator & hence reduce dependency. Hence high quality rollers are ensured by the machine and not by the operator.
  • The machine is highly productive and has the capacity to produce upto 800 rollers per shift.
  • All the small scale roller manufacturers should have this machine to compete with best in industry roller manufacturers. Considering the availability of the machine at competitive price, it is recommended for all small scale roller manufacturers to go for it.
  • The machine is ready at Pune demo center, enthusiasts are welcome for live demo.