High Quality Bearing Housing Components



Kaiyuan is a world leader in delivering high productivity automated solutions for the manufacturing of conveyor idler rollers of the highest quality. While Kaiyuan systems are known for their quality and reliability a key driver in achieving the desired quality and productivity levels in manufacturing is attributed by the input raw material. Bearing Housing Components are one of the important components of an idler roller, which play a major role in determining the quality and life of the idler rollers. Wrong selection of these components may result in the following.

  • In-consistency in dimensions of idler rollers
  • Reduced operational life of idler rollers
  • Increased friction and jamming of the conveyor line
  • Increase in cycle time of production i.e. decrease in productivity
Enhance Your Idler Roller Quality And Operational Life Using Tk / Tk Ii Bearing Housing Components

  • Bearing Housing Components, Type – TK

  • Bearing Housing Components, Type – TK II