Pipe-Flange Welding



  • Used for the automatic welding of circumferential weld for pipe and flange/sleeve.
  • The four torches can weld simultaneously and individually.
  • Provided with Kaiyuan’s proprietary clearance detection system and criterion adjustment system.
  • The open system of expert welding parameters.
  • The SAW heads can be optional for the welding application of large diameter pipe and welding neck flange in order to improve welding efficiency.
  • Can be combined with fitting-up machine as a production line.
Work piece materialCarbon steel, alloy steel
Pipe Dia.Medium/Small pipeØ60-Ø219mm,Ø219-Ø762mm
Large pipeØ219-Ø1000mm,Ø273-Ø1200mm
Pipe LengthMedium/Small pipe1100-6000mm,1100-9000mm
Large pipe4000-12000mm,4000-14000mm
Flange SpecMedium/Small pipeDia. Ø60-Ø350mm,Ø350mm-Ø900mm,Thickness 5-60mm
Large pipeDia. Ø350-Ø1600mm,Thickness 10-100mm
Max. LoadType for small pipe 1000kg,Type for medium pipe 3000kg,Type for large pipe 5000kg

Industries :
Power Sector, Shipbuilding