Pole Mast Welding System



  • Used for the automatic shaping and submerged arc welding of general-purpose round pipe, cone-shaped pipes and multi-rhombus pipes.
  • Tandem wire and multi-wire submerged arc welding with high efficiency.
  • High endurance backing enable single side welding, both side formations.
  • Parameters presettable and savableParameters presettable and savable.
  • High efficient water-cooling system enables heavy current welding for a long time.
  • Video monitoring system, easy to observe and operate.
Effective length of weld300-14000mm
Work piece thickness6-20mm
Work piece dia.Ø300-Ø1800mm
Welding speed350-1000mm/min
Feeding trolley traveling speed0-5000mm/min
Top clamping device travel2000mm
Side clamping and lifting device travel1400mm
Overall size(L×W×H)32000×5600×6500mm