Panel Welding



  • Used for the butt welding of medium and thin steel panel of 3000-10000mm long.
  • CO2/MAG/MIG/TIG/SAW/Plasma welding are selectable.
  • Back side welding formation pad is set on the shaft, there is also circulating water for cooling in the pad and gas shielding at the back side.
  • The workpiece is impacted by the keyboard type cylinder, which produces even pressing force.
  • With the horizontal machine tools structure and the elevating shaft, the workpiece is very easy to be fixed and unloaded.
  • The welding tracking system is equipped to guarantee the welding quality.
  • Loading and unloading conveying line are selectable.
Power source, cooling waterAccording to user's conditions
Applicable material and thicknessStainless, Titanium alloyAluminium alloyLow carbon steel
Max welding length12000mm
Welding speed100-800mm/min
Torch precisionHorizontal±0.2mm
Vertical tracking precision±0.2mm
Industries :