Pipe-Flange Welding



  • For the application of fitting-up and automatic welding for pipe with welding neck flange and pipe with slip-on flange.
  • CO2/MAG/SAW welding is selectable.
  • Both slip-on flange and welding neck flange with pipe can be welded.
  • Work piece automatic loading/unloading and automatic conveying are realized in this line.
  • Provided with integrated control system to ensure the communication coordination for each station.
Pipe length4000-12000mm4000-14000mm
Pipe outer diameter219-1000mm273-1200mm
Pipe thickness6-30mm
Flange thickness10-100mm
Flange diameterØ320-Ø1400mmØ350-Ø1600mm
Height of welding neck flange80-180mm