MF Inverter AC Seam




  • Pressure mechanism: Vertical type pressure mechanism has good following performance, low noise and long life.
  • Drive mechanism: Driven by 3 phase variable frequency motor. Easy adjustment and running stable. Exclusively circumference synchronization technology ensured the welding speed will not change along with the size of welding wheel. Stable welding speed guaranteed the welding quality.
  • Cooling system: Parallel cooling water route is used in this machine. Every route can be adjusted and displayed separately. Warning function is working through water flow detector.
  • Power source: Input voltage is three phase 415V. The invert frequency is 5000Hz with high power factor. The current adjust accuracy reach to millisecond level. Secondary side output square wave without any waveform missing. No polarity effect.
  • Wheel profiling mechanism: It can cut the outer edge of the welding wheel without uninstalling the wheel. Good surface condition ensured the high welding quality.
  • Conductive system: Conductive shaft adopt silver device. Good contact with automatic compensation of wear clearance. Maximum reduced the loss of energy transfer. Conductive surface be soaked in the conductive solution reducing the wearing.
  • Machine body: Anti-vibration, anti-shock; Avoid the electrode sliding during pressure. Stable welding.
Model ItemsMF Inverter AC Seam Welder
Rated powerkVA100160
Rated voltageV415415
Rated duty cycle%5050
Maximum short current (duty cycle)kA25 (29.5%)30 (31.1%)
Continuous output currentkA13.616.7
Maximum pressureN1200012000
Open width X depthmm130X430130X430
Electrode travelmm8080
Water flowL/mm3636
Welding wheel speedm/min0.55 – 3.50.55 – 3.5
Welding capacity (MS)mm1.5+1.52+2
Industries :
Heavy Vehicle, Automobile