Resistance Welding Controller




  • Suitable for single phase AC spot/projection welder and seam welder.
  • CPU carries out the Feedback control during welding. It ensures the stable welding current even the fluctuation of power supply there. Guaranteed the welding quality.
  • It has CC and CV function.
  • Both single spot weld and continuous spot weld is available.
  • pulses welding control function.
  • Current upslope and downslope.
  • Count the welding spots. Detect the actual voltage of the power supply. Detect the actual welding current (CC mode).
  • Two type of current feedback: Welding transformer primary side and secondary side.
  • Automatic self-diagnosis, display Error number for any abnormal condition.
  • Maintain data from power. The data can be kept up to 10 years after power off.
  • Power limit interface for convenient limiting the power capacity.
Mode ItemsResistance Welding Controller
Control factor / times-4/15 parameters / 3 times pulse control
Pressure valve drive-2 pressure valves, DC 24V
Feedback mode-Welding transformer primary side / secondary side
Rated input voltageV415V / 1 phase, ±10%
Control parameter rangePressure-Pressure valve 1
parameter-1 - 15
Initial pressure delaycycle0 - 199
Initial pressure timecycle1 - 199
Current upslope timecycle1 - 199
Pre-heat timecycle0 - 199
Pre-heat currentX 100A20 - 199
First cooling timecycle0 - 199
Welding timecycle0 - 199
Welding currentX 100A20 - 199
Second cooling timecycle0 - 199
Temper timecycle0 - 199
Temper currentX 100A20 - 199
Current downslope timecycle0 - 199
Hold timecycle1 - 199
Off timecycle0 - 99
Transformer turn ratioM1 - 99
Number of welding circuit-1 - 4
Over current limit-5 – 99%
Under current limit-5 – 99%
Adding weld control while under current limit-1 / 1 time adding weld allowed, 0 / No adding weld
Suitable welding power source-Thyristor
Start mode-Pulse, normal
Welding Mode-Spot / projection, Seam
Keep ending signal-Built-in
Power signal-Build-in
Power control signal-Build-in
Monitor function-Weld spot count, welding current, current ratio etc.
Count function-Count welding spots
Switch running mode-Welding/adjustment, discontinuous/continuous
Industries :
Heavy Vehicle, Automobile