Automatic Cutting & Beveling

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Pipe Automatic Beveling and Cutting Machine

  • Used for pipe continuous cutting and beveling.
  • It works according non-rotating tools, rotating pipes.
  • The pipe clamping, locating, tool feeding are all driven by hydraulic. High machining precision can be guaranteed by the steady tool feeding.
  • The feeding, locating, clamping, beveling, cutting of raw material pipe can be automatically finished in turns with high efficiency.

Pipe Automatic Beveling and Cutting Machine

Spindle center height of the machine tool800mm800mm
Hydraulic system pressure1.5-4mPa1.5-4mPa
Spindle speed150r/min, 220r/min100r/min, 160r/min, 250r/min
Tool feeding speedSteplessly adjustableSteplessly adjustable
Spindle drive motor15kW 960r/min22kW 960r/min
Hydraulic system motor5.5kW5.5kW
Motor of the feeding mechanism2.2kW2.2kW
Dia. of steel pipe for cuttingØ76-Ø159mmØ76-Ø219mm
Length of steel pipe for cutting200-2200mm200-2600mm
Feeding distance12000mm12000mm
Dimension (L×W×H)19150×1550×1130mm20310×2420×1250mm
Processing precision
Repeated precision of the cutting length≤0.5mm≤0.5mm
Both ends parallelism of cut-off pipe≤0.4mm≤0.4mm
Roughness of the bevelred surface Ra6.3-3.2μm6.3-3.2μm
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Material Handling