Automatic End Hole Turning




  • Used for the synchronous processing of the spigot at both ends of the steel pipe.
  • The vertical and horizontal feeding of the tool is driven by hydraulic pressure, which produces smooth feeding with high precision.
  • The workpiece's clamping, positioning, tool feeding and withdrawing are automatically done in sequence with high productive efficiency.


auto end hole tuning

Model QJKA-159-2.2D-Z QJKA-219-2.6D-Z
Spindle center height of the machine tool 900mm 900mm
Outer dia. of steel pipe Ø76-Ø159mm Ø76-Ø219mm
Length of steel pipe 200-2200mm 200-2600mm
Spigot depth 0-70mm 0-70mm
Moving speed of the slide 2000mm/min 2000mm/min
Spindle speed 350r/min, 500r/min 250r/min, 390r/min
Feeding speed Hydraulic stepless adjustable Hydraulic stepless adjustable
Cutting depth 0-3mm 0-3mm
Toolholder axial feeding graduate 0.05mm 0.05mm
Toolholder axial back-off repeated positioning precision 0.05mm 0.05mm
Main driving motor 11kW 1450r/min 11kW 1450r/min
Workpiece clamping motor 4kW 1450r/min 4kW 1450r/min
Hydraulic system pressure 2.5-4mPa 2.5-4mPa
Flow 25L/min 25L/min
Dimension (L×W×H) 5334×1120×1200mm 5734×1120×1200mm
Weight 5500kg 5800kg
Processing precision
Diameter tolerance of the spigots at both ends IT8 IT8
Roughness of the cuting surface Ra 6.3-3.2μm 6.3-3.2μm
Spacing tolerance of the spigots at both ends ≤0.2mm ≤0.2mm

Industries :
Material Handling