Face Milling, Drilling & Beveling



  • This multi-purpose machine is used for the end face milling, center-hole drilling and beveling in sequence synchronously.
  • The V-shaped positioner and the hydraulic clamping device guarantees the positioning accuracy.
  • The hydraulic station uses sandwich valve system, which has a quick and reliable movement.
  • Stepless adjustable speed.
Model QXZ-4.5x270
Machine tool centering height900mm
Milling spindle speed635r/min
Tool feedingSteplessly adjustable
Workpiece dia.Ø20-Ø45mm
Workpiece length300-2700mm
Drilling spindle speed730r/min
Left and right hydraulic slide travel270mm
Processing precision (concentricity)IT9
Dimension (L×W×H)4500×1000×1400mm
Industries :
Material Handling