C Type


C TYPE Welding Machine


  • Mainly applied for food, medical, boiler, shipbuilding, nuclear power and etc. For ɸ30~216mm small tube TIG welding with filling wire, convenient operation, high weld quality.
  • Main characteristics
    • Mild steel or stainless steel material tube welding.
    • Tube-tube, tube-elbow, tube-flange, tube-valve installation and etc.
    • Automatic all position TIG tube weld head with wire filler.
    • Compact structure, stable motion, low rotate inertia.
    • Water-cooled torch for long time continuous working.
Tube diameter30~60mm40~130mm90~216mm
Weld speed0.15~2.5rpm0.12~2.5rpm0.05~2.5rpm
Cooling methodWater cooledWater cooledWater cooled
Oscillation and horizontal trackingNilYesYes
Height trackingYesYesYes
Wire feed speed200~3000mm/min
Wire diameter1.0/1.2mm
Wire reel weight0.5kgs2kgs