Electro Gas Welder




Electro-gas vertical welding device used for storage tank SEGARC-SAT,combined with a hanged cabin operation unit (operation house), the operation house hangs and travel onto the side wall of the storage tank, and weld the vertical line one by one, which can be suitable in field work. It is widely used in shipyard and petrochemical industry.


  • For side wall of storage tank vertical welding fabrication. Suitable for 8-50mm thick 50kgf/mm2 low carbon steel and 60kgf/mm2 high strength steel welding.
  • By AVC testing function, carriage speed is controlled, which makes tip and pool surface with same level to realize no monitoring welding to protect welding quality.
  • Operation house is a individual unit, which can be disassembled or transported.
  • Suitable operator watching, big bending suitable for wire feeding.
  • Compact structure. when welding the root layer, the blind zone is under 50mm.
  • The front copper shoe is a spring connected to make sure tightly connected with work.
  • Adopt two separate water cooling system for best cooling effect.
  • Oscillation has dwelling time setting function at both side, suitable for thick(40mm) single side V-groove one layer welding.
  • One integrated controller, easy to set all the welding parameters.