MF DC Inverter Spot




  • Upside insulation is convenient for other device installation. Lowerside accident like short circuit when installing welding jigs can be prevented.
  • Use electro-pneumatic proportional valve. Gas pressure can be set quickly. It is controlled by controller. Easily program, store and recall the welding current, time and pressure.
  • DC output reduced the impact of welding current caused by secondary side induction. The power factor is almost 1. Output welding current can be fully constant and no zero crossing. Save the energy and reduce production cost.
  • Parallel cooling water route is used in this machine. Every route can be adjusted and displayed separately to check the welding status. Warning function is working through water flow detector.
  • Pressure head up and down speed can be adjusted continuously. It reduced the pressure impact to the work piece and reduced noise also.
  • Vertical type pressure mechanism has good following performance, low noise and long life.
  • Three phase power input ensured the balance among 3 phases. Based on 1000Hz invert frequency, the current control and display can be millisecond level, effectively increase the welding quality.
  • All the basic structures are welded by automatic robot. Good anti-vibration and impact rigidity will assure good weld.
Model ItemsMF Inverter DC Spot WelderMF Inverter DC Spot/Projection Welder
Rated capacitykVA50801605080160320480
Rated input voltageV415 / 3Φ415 / 3Φ415 / 3Φ415 / 3Φ415 / 3Φ415 / 3Φ415 / 3Φ415 / 3Φ
Rated duty cycle%5050505050505050
Maximum short current (duty cycle)kA25 (2.4%)33 (3.5%)52 (5.7%)25 (2.4%)33 (3.5%)52 (5.7%)76 (6.9%)86 (12.1%)
Continuous output currentkA3.
Maximum pressureN52001200012000520012000120003000030000
Open height X depthspotmm200X600200X600200X600170X400165X425200X425225X450225X450
Electrode travelmm20/6020X8020X8020/6020/8020X808080
Water flowL/mm1518281518282834
Weld capacity (MS)MSmm3+36+68+83+36+68+88+88+8
Industries :
Heavy Vehicle, Automobile