MZ9 Series Suspended Head



  • Digital display, easy for reading.
  • 100% arc start rate through touch sense function and wire retracting function.
  • Laser indicator be used for pointing out the groove.
  • The short circuit protection function prevent PCB damage from internal short of control cable or short between control cable and welding output cabel.
  • Reserved interface of controller signal for controlling external equipment's start and stop.
  • Reserved motorized cross slide board interface, easy for use.
Applicable Wire Diametermm2.0/2.4/3.2/4.02.4/3.2/4.0/4.83.2/4.0/4.8/6.4
ARC Striking Mode-Retracting / Scraping
Wire feed speedm/h30-30020-20016-160
Cross Slide Board AdjustmentmmB(manual) 150X150/C(motorized)200X200
Adjustable Angle of the Welding Head45º
Front-and-back Adjustment of Welding Head-45º
Flux CapacityL8
Net Weightkg52