N Series Twin Arc




  • Twin submerged arc automatic welding is a kind of high efficient welding process, with higher deposition rate and easily getting reasonable weld seam and good quality under high speed.
  • The wire mutually radiated which makes higher energy utilization, thinner molten drop, move stable welding process, and perfect bead shape.
  • With deposition rate increased, low heat input can be still remained to assure joint mechanical performance and reduce the welding distortion.
  • Digital display, easy for reading.
  • The short circuit protection function prevent PCB damage from internal short of control cable or short between control cable and welding output cabel.
Model MZC-1250N10
Applicable Wire Diameter mm 1.2/1.6/2.0
Current range A 200-1250
Wire feed speed m/h 65-650
Welding speed m/h 12-120
Vertical board adjustment mm 120
Horizontal Board Adjustment mm 120
Rotating angle - 360º
Adjustable Angle of the 45º
Welding Head
Front-and-back Adjustment of Welding Head - 45º
Flux Capacity L 8
Wire reel capacity kg 20X2
Dimension(LxWxH) mm 925X610X775
Net Weight kg 62