Narrow Gap SAW




  • Oscillating tip, left-mid-right three position welding position, oscillating assembly is stable and reliable.
  • Chromium Zirconium Copper contact tip, alloy copper material torch soft connection with good conductive, those can increase life span.
  • Torch body is made of stainless steel and plasma paint technology,
  • Automatic flux feeding and recovery and sensors to sense sidewall variations.
Max. weld thickness400mm
Groove angle1°~2°
Groove width18-30mm(18-22mm at bottom)
Pass No. per layerTwo passes(One pass at first layer)
Wire diameter3.0/4.0mm
Wire feed speed60~180mm/min
Deposition speed5~10kg/h
Torch oscillating range≤±3.5°
Torch oscillating precision≤±0.5°
Horizontal tracking precision≤±0.2mm
Vertical tracking precision≤±0.5mm
Cross slide strokes300*400mm
Highest heated temperature350℃
Min. diameter for internal welding1500mm