Z Series

Z Series



This is a tractor mounted SAW Head suitable for operating with ZD5-1200EJ and KID-1200 Power Sources. This is most commonly used for linear welding applications.


  • Touch Sense – precise control of retracting during arc start ensures 100% ignition rate
  • Parameter Preset – welding voltage, current and speed
  • Stick Out Control – stable welding current in case of stick out variation, improved reliability
  • Non Explosive Arc Start – smooth arc start eliminates weld defects and delivers perfect weld
  • 4-Roll Drive – smooth and reliable wire feeding

Application Segments

  • Single wire SAW with solid / cored wire
Specifications MZC-1200Z
Wire diameter 2.4 – 4.8 mm
Arc striking mode Retracting
Wire feed speed 35 – 330 cm/min
Welding speed 15 – 125 cm/min
Parameter adjustment range
- Cross Beam around vertical axis ±90 Deg
- Cross Beam height 70 mm
- Torch inclination ±45 Deg
- Tractor Head inclination ±45 Deg
- Tractor Head distance (longitudinal, transverse, front and rear) 100 x 100 x 70 mm
Flux capacity 6 Litres
Wire reel capacity 25 Kg
Dimensions, L x W x H 1080 x 480 x 740 mm
Weight, Kg (excluding wire) 55 Kg